Future Lab 2021

2021 Jun 08

We are proudly presenting our Future Lab 2021 program. We gather Tunisia's boldest -and bravest- minds to imagine alternative futures and construct scenarios around the question "What If the Future Were Rural? Imagining Just Food Systems in Tunisia. Stay tuned.

Join the Team

Thank you for spreading the word. We received 111 applications and selected our new Project Assistant based in Tunisia.

Visit our new office

2021 Apr 01

The New Silk Roads Tunisia team is expanding, and therefore we just opened our first official office in Tunis. A beautiful historical building we share with organisation Nawaat. We welcome you at 18 Rue de Medine, Tunis, Tunisia.

Annual Report 2020

2021 Feb 01

Introduction by the Board

The year 2020 was unique and unprecedented for everyone all over the world due to a pandemic that affected all of us in more than one way. The values of the silk roads of the past have gained even more value in this year full of disruptions: trust, connectedness and international solidarity. All our projects, advice and support are inspired by these values and we can be proud of what has been achieved. We made decisive progress as a guide to see the world differently, even more different than it already looks due to the challenging economic, (geo)political and societal context that will continue in 2021 and much longer than we would like to see.

We are pleased that we continued to develop various projects to support our partners in their international, social and creative business. Our main current projects will be explained in this annual report, but we like to highlight the Vertical Atlas and the Future Thinking School because it shows our progress so well.
The Vertical Atlas is a new atlas to help us navigate the digital geopolitics of the world today. It is currently finalized by a diverse group of more than 50 international designers, artists and thinkers from over 20 countries. The first confidential drafts are very promising.
The Future Thinking School organizes future thinking masterclasses focused on imagining alternative futures and giving training on specific future thinking skills, such as signal identification, back casting, foresight, and scenario-building. The first pilot was successfully launched in Tunis and we can’t wait to see the follow up!

On a more organizational level we continue to further professionalize our governance. Formalizing policies, unifying our contract models and optimizing our finance report systems are just examples of our ongoing progress in this respect.
For 2021 we would love to get rid of the context of the pandemic, but for now it seems we are just dealing with that context for even longer. For New Silk Roads the prospects have a far more happier note: our projects continue fully Corona-proof and our new visual identity and accompanying website is planned to go live in Q1 already.

A warm thank-you to everyone who helped make 2020 a good year for New Silk Roads. We are deeply grateful to our team of directors and consultants, all editors, artists, thinkers and all business and social partners for working closely together and for their enormous commitment and contribution.

February 2021,
Board of New Silk Roads Foundation
Dorothé Bongaerts-Stubbé
Boudewijn Niels


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