Afkar Fellows

An unique fellowship program for catalyzers of social change in North Africa that seeks to boost fellows’ social impact and visibility as influencers in the region. New Silk Roads supported What Took You So Long and Wasabi to raise funding at the Swedish Institute. We provided support in project management and strategic services.


We believe that social change begins with unconventional leaders who build movements, challenge norms, and cultivate safe spaces for alternative thought. Fourteen fellows articulated their personal vision and developed the skills (fundraising, communication, filmmaking) and tools (filmmaking and workshop equipment) needed to increase their outreach and impact.


Fundraising & Project Management
Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya



Fourteen fellows met each other for the first time in Kelibia (Tunisia) and exchanged personal experiences and were coached and trained over 1.5 years to increase their impact. The 2017 Afkar Fellows included amongst others: a visual artist & gallerist from Libya; a media entrepreneur from Egypt; a calligrapher & art facilitator from Western Sahara; a sustainability & inclusion designer from Morocco; an LGBTQ activist, and a creative media technologist from Tunisia. In cooperation with What Took You So Long, Wasabi and made possible by the Swedish Institute.